The Journey Is The Destination

It is often said that “Life is a journey, not a destination.” But when it comes to weight-loss, the journey is the destination.

People often embark on a diet and exercise program for the purpose of losing weight. They might restrict their caloric intake, eliminate foods they enjoy, or engage in exercise programs that are not particularly enjoyable simply to get results.

But what happens once the desired results are achieved (if they are achieved at all)? Most people – in fact 97% – return to their original habits and regain all the weight they have lost (and oftentimes, more). They realize, consciously or unconsciously, that to actually maintain the results they created, they must continue the unpleasant activities through which these results were achieved, and the continuation of such activities is untenable.

The unpleasant journey has not ended simply because the destination has been reached. It becomes clear that the journey is never ending, the destination an illusion.

So how do we lose weight and actually keep it off?

We recognize that the journey is in fact the destination truly we seek. We learn to keep the journey enjoyable, engaging with food and exercise in a way that is life affirming and sustainable. We learn to align our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and act from inspiration that comes forth, trusting that all will be well. We learn to connect with and trust our bodies, and we learn to allow ourselves the happiness we truly seek.