Copernican Consciousness – What Astronomy & Weight Loss Have In Common

If you could imagine that you didn’t know any differently, there is strong evidence to suggest that the Earth is the center of the universe. We can’t feel the spin of our planet on its axis, let alone how it orbits through space. But we do see the sun and the stars travel across the sky. We could make observations, measurements and calculations, and we could even make predictions that proved to be accurate much of the time. But we’d likely fail if we ever tried to reach Mars. Our calculations simply could not get us there. We would be using mathematical models based on flawed premises and incomplete information.

This flawed premise, of course, is that the Earth is the center of the universe. We know that now, thanks to Coperincus. But based on observation alone, the idea that the Earth is the center of the universe is not so illogical. The ancient Greeks accepted this geo-centric model, as did the Catholic Church – if God created Earth, then surely it must lie at the all-important center.

The Ptolemaic astronomical system can “explain” many astral phenomena, but it still couldn’t get us to Mars. Why? The relationships between the celestial bodies are misrepresented. Not only is the Earth not the center of the universe, it moves. Ptolemaic astronomy is fine to explain observations, but it will never support something extraordinary.

The traditional weight-loss model of diet and exercise is a lot like Ptolemaic astronomy. It can “explain” certain events and even make some accurate predictions. But it is also a fundamentally flawed model. It is not an accurate representation of the elements involved or their relationship to each other.

Yet most of us still look at weight-loss from this perspective – and then get frustrated with the results. Many of us aren’t even trying to do something extraordinary – we’re just trying to get the results promised from the model. But rather than question the validity of the model, we question ourselves. We question our motivation. We question our commitment. We question our biology. We check our hormones and test for allergies. We do whatever emotional, psychological and spiritual work necessary to heal ourselves of whatever “problem” we have that keeps us from being successful with the diet and exercise model. But we never question the model itself.

Making the transition from the traditional diet and exercise mindset for losing weight to the Happy Calories Don’t Count paradigm of alignment is a lot like shifting from the Ptolemaic astronomical system to the Copernican system. We need to think differently. We need to understand all the elements involved in the process, and we need to see their relationships to one other in a different way. We need to recognize that diet and exercise are important elements, but that they are not the only elements. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are equally important. We need to comprehend that the relationships between the elements are dynamic and relate to each other differently at different times.

When we can really understand that we’re working to achieve our weight-loss goals with a fundamentally radically different system, it’s easier to make the mindset shifts that are necessary. We can relax and take time to connect with our body. We can enjoy our food without guilt, and we can enjoy our exercise without pain or resentment. Most importantly, we can learn the dance of alignment – acting in harmony with the totality of who we are. And when we do that, we really can achieve the extraordinary.