In An Instant

“We regret to inform you,” the newsletter began. It was a stark reminder of how things can change in an instant. One of the bright lights in our community chamber of commerce had suddenly passed away.

Change is a recurring theme in my work. How do we change? How do we heal? Doesn’t change take time? Aren’t habitual patterns hard to break? How does change occur? We can’t just decide to change…or can we? Is change a choice? Is it really within our control?

I’ve discovered that change – like everything else – is multi-dimensional. Change can be slow or quick, violent or gentle. And a change in behavior without a corresponding change in consciousness rarely lasts. This flip side is also true – a change in consciousness without a corresponding change in behavior rarely lasts.

I think that is the gift of these unexpected tragedies. Everyone suddenly starts appreciating Life – at least for a moment – in a deeper way. We become present to Life – to the richness, the fullness, and to the fragility of the experience. And these moments also challenge us to commit to this newfound consciousness – to demonstrate this commitment through our actions.

We really do have the power to choose how we experience Life. We may not be in control of our circumstances, but we do have the power to interpret our circumstances in a way that brings us the most freedom, peace and joy. We not only have this power – we have this responsibility. Life is too precious of a gift to be fretted away.

Thank you, Karen, for the reminder. I wish you freedom, peace and joy wherever you are.