Gratitude And Other Food For Thought

Gratitude is a concept that is thrown around a lot in the self-help and personal development communities. But what does it actually mean? How does one develop an “attitude of gratitude” when faced with challenging life situations?

One thing that is not helpful is to diminish the emotions and frustrations around the “problem.” Adopting the sound bite of personal and spiritual challenges being “First World Problems” does not help in healing and transforming the psychological and emotional perspectives revealed by the situations.

To say “you shouldn’t feel bad because other people have it worse” is as ridiculous as saying that “you shouldn’t feel happy or grateful because other people have it better.”

The fastest way to cultivate an experience of authentic gratitude in which your heart is filled with peace and joy and your “cup runneth over,” is to do the intensely personal work of personal transformation. 

Allow yourself to be your authentic you. And from your authentic self, curate a relationship with your body. When you heal your relationship with your body – all of the problems and issues surrounding food, exercise and your weight are also healed.