Forget The Fear & Find Freedom From Food

Whether it is controlling your body and your weight through the cultural, conventional “diet and exercise” model or trying to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams, what is your real motivation?

I submit that it is ultimately happiness. You only want whatever it you want because you think having it will make you happy. This is important because if the experience of creating – or maintaining – your desire is in anyway unhappy, you cannot achieve that which you ultimately desire.

Creating peace and happiness can be especially challenging when motivated by fear. Fear and trauma lead to a desire to control – control yourself, control others, control outcomes.

This episode illustrates how true the words of the wise Franklin D. Roosevelt really are: There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself. By deconstructing spiritual and psychological principles relating to fear and manifestation, this episode offers a perspective to lead you out of fear and into creating peace and freedom and a body you love.