Back to Basics with Happy Calories Don’t Count®

You will never be completely free from the anxiety of food, exercise and body drama – regardless of your current size or shape – as long as your efforts come from within the context of the fundamental base paradigm of the conventional, cultural “diet and exercise” model.

That model is transaction-based, sets up calories as a “currency of exchange” and suggests that you must pay a “price” to eat. The price? Exercise – or weight gain.

And while you are indeed responsible for what you eat and what you do for exercise, the fact that you are responsible for your choices and actions does not mean that you can therefore control the outcome – you cannot control your body through diet and exercise. That is a fallacy. That is the root of your food and body image struggles.

The “diet and exercise” model demands that you disconnect from the wisdom of your body to be “successful.” And it is this attempt to disconnect from your body that causes all of the pain and dysfunction.

By switching from the transaction-based model of “diet and exercise,” to the relationship-based model of Happy Calories Don’t Count® your pain and dysfunction around food and your body is healed – and you can finally create a body you love with sustainable results.

Listen to the full episode for my outline of the 5 Steps of the Happy Calories Don’t Count® Model.