Culture Wars: Body Shaming vs Fat Celebration

The conventional cultural “diet and exercise” model is the root of all pain, shame, drama and dysfunction surrounding food, exercise, your body and your weight – AND it is the source of the confusion and acrimony in the “culture wars” surrounding health, obesity and fat pride.

The diet and exercise model suggests that your body’s size and shape is simply a result of what you eat and what you do for exercise. But the fact that you are responsible for what you eat and what you do for exercise, does not mean that you can therefore control your body’s weight and shape through diet and exercise – that is a fallacy.

Both sides are using the diet and exercise model and a framework and both sides get stuck. One side gets tripped up on the control fallacy side of the coin. And the other side gets tripped up by not accepting the responsibility that they DO have to honor and respect their bodies by working to create optimized health and well-being. And this side gets all twisted by rejecting of the cultural standards of health – without rejecting the diet and exercise model. So everyone remains stuck.

The key to finding freedom from food and creating true healing and transformation is to reject the “diet and exercise” model and embrace a relationship-based, body-centered approach.