Happy Calories® 101: Back to Basics

The conventional cultural “diet and exercise” model is the root of all pain, shame, drama and dysfunction surrounding food, exercise, your body and your weight. 

From this model two assumptions naturally follow.

Assumption #1: You have to pay a price to eat. The price? Exercise – or weight gain. This is the underlying cause of all of the anxiety and crazy head games surrounding food and exercise.

Assumption #2: It’s your fault. According to the “diet and exercise” model, if you are overweight or not the size you want to be, you are at best unmotivated or undisciplined – or at worst, lazy or stupid because “everyone knows how to lose weight – it’s diet and exercise.” This assumption is the root of the pain and shame you have surrounding your body and your weight.

But the fact that you are responsible for what you eat and what you do for exercise, does not mean that you can therefore control your weight and your shape through diet and exercise. This is a fallacy. 

The key to finding freedom from food and creating true healing and transformation is to reject the “diet and exercise” model and embrace a relationship-based, body-centered approach.