Happy Calories® 101: Happiness is the Key

Part 2 of the Happy Calories® 101 Series…

Happiness is freedom from the conventional, cultural “diet and exercise” model. 

The “diet and exercise” model is the root of all of your pain, shame, drama and dysfunction surrounding food, exercise, your body and your weight because it demands that you disconnect from your body in order to be “successful.”

Overriding your body’s natural instincts in hard and painful – which is the entire reason that a “weight loss industry” exists.

Furthermore, this model suggests that you have to “pay a price” to eat. The price – exercise – or weight gain. And this idea creates all of the crazy-making head games.

Finally, this model suggests that your weight is your fault. But that fact that you are responsible for what you eat and what you do for exercise does NOT mean that you can therefore control your body’s size and shape through diet and exercise. That is a fallacy.

And this is the key to reclaiming your happiness AND sustainable results.